Thoughts on Istanbul Chapter


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Last year, these days; found some people in Turkey and created Istanbul Chapter. We’ll be celebrating our 1st Anniversary 2 months later. Excited as the first time we created our chapter.

It was a sunny day.

Called my buddy Fikret and told him lets create a small community among us. He told me that was a good idea and joined me. But there was a problem. We didn’t have a sponsor, a place, organizator or an angel investor to help us. We were 2 guys interested in gathering people, like us.

Fikret was a supporter type. He preferred to stay behind but helping surely. So, I was supposed to play ‘Leader’ thing which my characteristics didn’t provide. But the leadership in our chapter was never “Do this, Do that” thing, so I offered equality in behind scenes while playing “Leader” in front.

This approach attracted many friends and later they joined as well. Erdem Tuzen & Ugur Kazdal were the later joiners. The same rules was still: “Never order someone around”.

Because when you do that for a free community, people will be examining the leader. Following to this; people leave the community. These guys are working in the sector and have names! So you cant order them even if you wanted to regardless the explanation. Continue reading